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Why don’t dogs need swimming goggles?

Dogs have a number of adaptations that allow them to swim without the need for goggles.

Firstly, they have a nictitating membrane, or “third eyelid,” which can be drawn across the eye to protect it from debris and irritants. This membrane is transparent, so it does not interfere with vision.

Secondly, dogs have a thick layer of tear film that coats their eyes and helps to keep them moist and protected. This film also helps to flush out dirt and debris.

Thirdly, dogs have a high tolerance for salt water. Their eyes are not as sensitive to salts as human eyes are, so they are less likely to experience irritation from salt water.

Finally, dogs have a number of behavioral adaptations that help them to protect their eyes while swimming. They will often close their eyes when they dive underwater, and they will also blink frequently to flush out debris.

As a result of these adaptations, most dogs are able to swim in the sea without the need for goggles. However, there are a few breeds that are more prone to eye irritation from salt water, such as bulldogs and pugs. These breeds may benefit from wearing goggles when swimming in the sea.


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